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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.,)

Intake - 200

Duration - 2 Years

Master of Education (M.Ed.,)

Intake - 50

Duration - 2 Years


The B.Ed programme consist of Theory courses in ‘Perspectives in Education’ and 'Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies’ along with ‘Engagement with the Field’ as practical component.


Perspectives in Education

Curriculum & Pedagogic Studies

Engagement with the Field

Course 1: Childhood and Growing up

Course 2: Contemporary India and Education

Course 3: Learning and Teaching

Course 6: Gender, School and Society (1/2 Course)

Course 8: Knowledge and Curriculum

Course 10: Creating an Inclusive School (1/2 Course)

Course 4: Language across the Curriculum (1/2 Course)

Course 5: Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (1/2 Course)

Course 7 (a&b): Pedagogy of a School Subject (1/2 Courses)

Course 9: Assessment for Learning

Course 11: Optional Course (1/2 Course)

1. Tasks and Assignments that run through all the courses as indicated in the year wise distribution of the syllabus.

2. School Internship.

3. Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC):

i) Course EPC 1: Reading and Reflecting on Texts (1/2 Course)

ii) Course EPC 2: Drama and Art in Education (1/2 Course)

iii) Course EPC 3: Critical Understanding of ICT (1/2 Course)

iv) Course EPC 4: Understanding the Self (1/2 Course)

The programme is comprised of five broad inter-related curricular areas (i) Perspective Courses, (ii) Tool Courses, (iii) Teacher Education Courses, (iv) Specialization of a Core Course and (v) Specialization of a Thematic Course


First Year

Second Year


Historical and Political Economy of Education in India

Advanced Educational Psychology

Curriculum Design and Development

Planning and Administration of Elementary Education

Early Childhood Care and Education

Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education

Advanced Techniques of Instruction

Field Immersion with Co-operative Schools

Field Visit

Dissertation Preliminary Work

Communication Skills: Expository Writing

Self–Development : Yoga



Field-based Internship in the Co-operative Schools

Field based Internship in the Teacher Education Institutions

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